Magento 2 – the benefits of managing your print shop

When it comes to your eCommerce print shop business, you want it to be as profitable as possible. That’s why you may consider an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. However, there are a number of ERPs available on the market designed specifically for the print shop market and choosing one can feel overwhelming.

Here, we make a comparison of two of the most popular ERP systems in the print shop industry: Magento 2 and DecoNetwork, and how Demystify Digital can help you install the perfect ERP for your organisation.

Magento 2 – DIY vs the professional approach

How hands-on do you want to be with the installation process? With DecoNetwork, it’s up to you to build your website, using their drag-and-drop menu.

Sure, you don’t need to be coder or programmer to use the DecoNetwork design tool, but do you feel confident enough to layout the appearance of your website? Can you make it look clean, modern, and professional looking? Will it have the functionality your customers want and need?

And do you know how to install the various plug-ins you need? Magento 2 is one such plug-in that’s available. At Demystify Digital, we install Magento 2 on your behalf. We also create bespoke websites working closely with you to ensure that it meets your individual requirements. Whatever print products you produce, we’ll create a website that offers all the functionality you need. 

Set product catalogues vs your unique products

DecoNetwork makes it easy for you to upload products because they have catalogues from 25 suppliers, including SanMar, S&S Activewear and BTC Activewear. Users simply need to select the catalogues for the products they sell. In some cases, DecoNetwork allows you to order directly from the supplier, automatically managing your stock levels.

However, what if your products aren’t listed in their catalogues? With Magento 2 and Demystify Digital, it doesn’t matter how unique your products are, we can add them to your website. Be truly individual and stand out from the crowd with your exclusive creations.

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Online designer tool

DecoNetwork supports a number of tools, including their Online Designer. This is suitable for screen printing, direct to garment, transfer printing, embroidery and printing. It allows customers to upload their artwork mock-ups and logos. Integrated programmes – which you need to set up – allow for pre-set and editable decoration areas.

Demystify Digital creates personalised online design tools that are specifically designed to meet your needs. Just like DecoNetwork, it allows customers to upload their artwork mock-ups and logos in a number of formats but it’s unique to your individual requirements. Alternatively, we work with other software tools and plug-ins for the best customer experience, should you prefer.

Digitisation of the print process

Making the print process easier should be the aim of any specifically designed ERP system for the personalisation print market. It’s the most complicated section of the process. DecoNetwork works with Wilcom to digitise uploaded artwork into printable formats using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Demystify Digital and Magento 2 also works with Wilcom, alongside other similar software providers that digitise uploaded artwork and logos into useable designs that can be reproduced into high quality print merchandise.

Jack of All Trades, master of none

DecoNetwork and Wilcom try to be a Jack of All Trades. They want to offer a full set of services, which ultimately results in not doing any one task particularly well. DecoNetwork works well for B2C businesses but doesn’t offer the functionality to differentiate between consumer and trade pricing. This makes it unsuitable for businesses that work with a combination of B2C and B2B businesses, or who want to offer differentiated pricing for different clients.

While Digital Demystify creates bespoke websites, we work with specialised products, such as Magento 2, that can be integrated with our programming to generate a holistic solution that meets your needs, whether B2C or B2B. We appreciate that while we have the capability of producing a website that meets your needs, our talents only go so far. That’s why we implement the ERP Magento 2, which works with other SaaS such as WooCommerce, Shopify, PulseID and Wilcom. Together, they provide the professional expertise needed to create a website that matches your specific needs.

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Affiliate shops and fulfilment centres

Affiliate shops are secondary shops that sell products on behalf of a fulfilment centre. A fulfilment centre is where the product ships from – and may be manufactured at – which may also have its own shop. Affiliate shops are a good way to generate additional income, especially if the business produces a range of products which may not sit with its core offering.

DecoNetwork allows you to create up to 500 affiliate shops on its Premium package, and unlimited shops on its Enterprise package. However, it’s up to you to upload the Online Designer on any non-DecoNetwork website, and this is only possible with the higher priced Enterprise package. This also affects your ability to set pricing in an easily manageable manner.

With Magento 2 and Demystify Digital it’s easy to create multiple sites that meet your needs. Magento 2 works across multiple sites while at Demystify Digital, we work with you to create your branding and can produce and install online designers for each site that feed into one central programme for efficient processing.

The conclusion

If you’re looking for a standardised catalogue that manages a B2C customer base with one-tier pricing and are happy to build your website yourself, then DecoNetwork may be for you.

If, however, you’re looking for a professional design, a world-leading ERP system, and multi-tiered pricing then Magento 2 and Demystify Digital are your solution. Why not get in touch today for a FREE one hour consultation on how we can help you on 01903 372 402 or email [email protected].

ecommerce website support and maintenance
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