eCommerce Websites for Apparel Personalisation

Demystify Digital specialises in creating full-service websites for the apparel personalisation industry. Working with industry trusted partners, we build websites and back-office systems that offer a complete order-to-accounts process for eCommerce apparel personalisation companies.

Working with industry trusted partners

Fully Managed Websites for manufacturers and resellers of personalised apparel.

eCommerce Solutions With Optimised Workflows for Apparel Personalisation and Clothing Decoration

At Demystify Digital, we don’t believe in jargon or tech speak. We want our clients to understand everything we’re doing, from design to implementation, and work in partnership with them to create the perfect website for their individual needs.

“We want to demystify eCommerce and show you how to continually improve through process, ways to gain new customers, retaining existing customers and maximising the value of your precious orders.”

Simple user experience for apparel personalisation

Demystify Digital websites are built to ensure personalisation of apparel in the quickest time possible.

Simple features provided with conversion rates in mind.
Intuitive & graphical personalisation processes.
Online apporoval process.
Designed for print, embroidery and more.

Business continuity & disaster management

When your business relies on your website to keep running, you can’t afford outages. You need to trust that your website provider has the resources in place to minimise and negate downtime.

Our websites are built for apparel personalisation companies to prevent outages and downtime. Services include:

Enterprise hosting platforms
Business continuity strategies
Disaster recovery plans

Centralised website administration

Administer your product catalogue from a centralised control panel.

Don't double up on administration, control pricing, content and more.

Prebuild product before publication
Stock controlled components
No more overselling/underselling
Support from us always

Embroidery digitisation & artwork management

Consolidate your stock control and ERP with Tracker, an ERP platform that is workwear centric and designed for apparel customisation.

Catalogue your clients' artwork and streamline the approach to artwork approvals.

Embroidery artwork creation
Direct to machine production
Automate workflows and production

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Do you know what the total cost of ownership of your website is? Perhaps you’ve been quoted for the development of a new site, but not any ongoing costs? Yet you know that your site will need maintenance and updating in the future. How can you budget when you don’t know what the future costs will be?

At Demystify Digital we create a five-year maintenance plan. We also try to futureproof your website as much as possible, taking into account what your future plans are for your business in our original planning. This helps to keep TCO lower and allows you to budget accurately.

Centralise stock control & order management

Your customers are looking for a seamless, simple ordering system, while we understand that your aim is to produce high-quality apparel personalisation as rapidly and as smoothly as possible. We provide a streamlined ordering and production system that’s perfect for workwear everywhere. It also monitors stock in realtime, so you always know if you have enough product.

Print, Embroidery, Laser engraving, simplify the decoration process

eCommerce and the personalised apparel industry

The personalisation market has grown in the UK to be worth more than £1 billion per annum. Apparel personalisation is also a growing market, both with consumers and businesses.

Many people prefer to purchase online, and online shopping grew dramatically during Covid-19. They want convenience and speed, making purchases at a time that suits them. Ordering their personalised apparel online offers just that. They can order what they want, when they, how they want. eCommerce offers the flexibility customers want in their daily lives. Are you making the most of the opportunity?

Our background in workwear, apparel, print & embroidery. We understand the nuances of your industry. Benefit from our experience and knowledge

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We want to demystify eCommerce and show you how to continually improve and raise the bar on profitability and revenue

Craig Blackman – Demystify Digital

Why Demystify digital?

We will help you ship more product in less time.

Demystify Digital has over a decade’s experience of working within the apparel personalisation industry. Plus, we have a proven track record of providing solutions for this sector.

We work with world-leading integrations, such as WooCommerce, Magento, PulseID and Tracker, to name but a few. Demystify Digital creates tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique requirements from the ordering process, through to workflows and accounts.

Automating sales and production workflows has a profound impact on fulfilment. Workwear is no exception. Our eCommerce platforms allow you to accept more orders, integrate with stock control and production systems to provide seamless internal workflows.

The majority of personalised apparel is sold online. Customers want convenience and speed and to be able to order at a time that fits around their busy lives. Ordering workwear online allows them to order what they want, when they want, how they want. eCommerce offers the flexibility businesses are looking for.

Built for scalability and simplified management

Streamline eCommerce for higher sales and conversions

While your customers are seeking a seamless, simple ordering system, at Demystify Digital, we recognise that your aim is to produce high-quality personalised apparel as rapidly and smoothly as possible. That’s why we install a streamlined ordering and production system that works for business and consumer orders alike.

With our eCommerce websites, logos or text can be added at the point of order, located accurately on the apparel, whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, caps, or other items. These customer orders can then be sent for embroidery or printing automatically in DST or EMB files.

Not only that, but our system monitors stock in realtime. This means that you never oversell or find yourself short of stock unexpectedly.

Trade Customers

You may want to offer your trade customers different terms both from your consumer customers and from each other. With an ERP system and a Demystify Digital website, you can do just that. You can offer trade accounts, differentiated pricing and access to previous purchases for ease of repeat ordering. You can also offer workwear bundles or even packages that can be sent directly to your customer’s employees.

Multi-channel, multi-region

With the growth of online shopping comes the growth of international sales. Now people can purchase from you wherever they’re based. They may also want to speak to a real person before ordering. Our systems monitor and control stock across multiple sales channels and can calculate the true costs of international trade to ensure you’re always profitable.


Digitisation isn’t only the future, it’s the present for successful personalised apparel companies. That’s why we offer fully integrated ERP systems that seamlessly connect your website, production systems, and even accounts packages for efficient, end-to-end processes. systems, and even accounts package.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is key to attracting new customers. At Demystify Digital we don’t just deal with the technical side of your website but also ensure that it’s fully optimised for search engines to find your business.

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