Demystify Digital launches unique online design tool for the personalisation industry

Demystify Digital has over two decades’ experience of the personalisation business. That includes workwear, schoolwear, garment decoration and promotional gifts. This experience has provided us with the knowledge and expertise to really understand the challenges of the industry. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new online garment decoration tool that will transform your business processes.

The challenges

If your personalisation company is using traditional systems and an outdated website rather than a true eCommerce website with an online decoration tool, then you may be wasting your employees’ time and, consequently, your money.

The order process

If your customers are having to upload or email logos and text, and then wait for you to send over proofs, it’s taking up both your and their valuable time. It slows down the ordering process. And at what point do they select quantities and sizes? Is it before or after design?

Once the design is sent for approval, it’s a case of waiting for them to come back to you. You may need to make further adjustments, and send it back again, once again delaying the process. And with all these delays, the potential customer may decide to go elsewhere where the ordering process is faster and easier.

Production and stock

Not knowing when – or even if – orders will be approved, makes it difficult to plan production timetables. It could be an hour before the design is approved, or it could be a week. You know that an order may be coming but without confirmation, you cannot plan your schedule.

Then there’s your stock levels. Maybe you’ve allocated stock to an order you’re hoping to receive, then another order arrives for the same product. Do you take the risk of disappointing the potential customer by telling them they’ll have to wait, or do you let down the second customer?

Production processes

Are your production processes linked to your ordering and design systems, or are you still using siloed practices? Do you have to manually upload the design to your embroidery or printing machines? If so, there’s room for human error, as well as wasting valuable time and resources.

Accounts and payments

How long do you wait for payment, and how do you take payment? Can customers checkout on your website or do you have to manually bill them and wait for payment to arrive before producing or shipping their order? And can you offer differentiated payment to consumers and businesses?

If customers can pay on your website, how easy is the payment and checkout process? Are you finding that carts are being abandoned on a regular basis? If so, it could be that your checkout process is overly complicated and difficult to use, resulting in lost business.

ecommerce website maintenance and support

Demystify Digital’s solution

At Demystify Digital, we’ve designed the solution to all of these problems. Let’s look at how.

Online designer

Our new online designer tool allows customers to not only upload logos and text, but also to design their own product in just a few easy steps. Approval is instant. Colours and sizes are also selected at the point of design, so the order is ready to go in just a few minutes.

Production and stock

With instant approval and, therefore, instant ordering, you can manage production schedules more easily. Without having to wait for orders to be approved, you can also understand your stock levels at any given time and so accurately fulfil orders without overpromising things you can’t deliver or disappointing customers.

Production processes

Demystify Digital’s integrates seamlessly with various production and ERP systems so that orders can be automatically transferred to your embroidery or print machines. This reduces the risk of human error and speeds up the production process.

Accounts and payments

B2B and B2C orders need to be handled differently when it comes to payments. Our online designer allows you to offer differentiated pricing and payment terms. Consumers can be billed immediately, with a simple checkout process that reduces abandoned carts, while businesses can be offered payment terms.

For businesses, our system integrates with accounts packages such as Xero and QuickBooks. This means that invoices can be raised and sent automatically, reducing time involved and the chances of mistakes or missed billing.

ecommerce website support and maintenance


Our online decoration tool not only creates beautiful designs; it also offers a wide range of features for the personalisation industry, including:

  • Custom decoration tools
  • Ability to add multiple sizes and colours
  • Product bundle configurator and manpack capability
  • Ability to filter by product, size, and colour
  • Quantity discounts
  • Cross selling, upselling and related items
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Abandoned and persistent cart savers
  • Delivery lead times
  • Customer groups and segmentation
  • Multi-channel and multi-currency for greater potential customer base

We can also offer add-ons, such as ERP and accounts integration, independent review systems, and 3rd party product feeds from Pencarrie, Ralawise and Portwest for easy catalogue management that frees up your staff.

Does your current eCommerce website offer all of these benefits?

Demystify Digital’s online decoration tool and eCommerce websites

eCommerce is the way forward for any successful personalisation business. Our online decoration tool incorporates with our bespoke eCommerce websites for your customers’ ease of ordering. And has the added benefit of reduced manhours and increased profitability for you.

Your website is your shopfront in this digital age. More consumers and businesses than ever are buying online. Demystify Digital’s personalised eCommerce websites and online decoration tool gives your business a polished and professional appearance that truly reflects your company values.

Find out more

Demystify Digital works closely with its clients to build websites that meet your individual needs. We can add or remove functionality as you need it to meet your unique requirements.

Want to know more about how Demystify Digital’s online decoration tool could benefit your personalisation business? Contact us on [email protected] or call 01903 372 402 to book your FREE one-hour consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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