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Demystify Digital November 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the team

As part of Demystify Digital’s growth, we’re delighted to welcome Andrew Mason to the team. He’s working as our website developer, and we caught up with Andrew to find out a little more about him.

It’s fair to say Andrew has had a hands-on, varied career! Starting as a mechanic, he then joined the Princess of Wales Regiment, 2nd Battalion. During his seven-year career in the army, he trained as a sniper and did two tours each in the Falklands and Afghanistan.

Upon leaving the army, Andrew set-up his own gym and personal training business, which soon became the largest studio in Southampton. While running this business, he employed a range of software programs, all supposedly designed to make business operations easier. However, none of these programs would speak to the others and simply created more work. Frustrated with this, Andrew began researching how to program his own solution, and so his love for programming was born.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 meant the end of Andrew’s gym, and he returned to being a mechanic, becoming Project Team Leader within six months. However, he also used this time to train as a programmer, gaining qualifications.

Andrew is a ‘hands-on’ programmer. He learns by doing and enjoys both the technical and geeky aspects of programming as well as the creative side.


Andrew has already proved his worth at Demystify Digital, solving a problem on one of our clients’ websites within his first week. We look forward to continuing working with Andrew and wish him a long and happy career with the company.

ecommerce website maintenance and support

Demystify Digital launches a personalisation industry SaaS

Demystify Digital specializes in providing eCommerce solutions to the personalization industry. Thanks to over a decade’s experience in the sector, we’re able to understand the challenges and needs of the industry. That’s why we’re launching our own Software as a Service (SaaS) for the schoolwear, workwear, print and promotional items markets.

The problems with existing SaaS

We recognize that there are a number of existing SaaS systems out there already for the embroidery and printing markets but feel that none of them really deliver on their promises. Many try to be a Jack of All Trades while not really mastering any of the functions that we know personalisation companies really need.

Users choosing from the many types of existing SaaS often have to make compromises. Some systems require users to create their own websites; some offer only specific product catalogues. Some only offer B2C capability. For businesses with no design knowledge, who have unique product catalogues, and who boast a mixture of B2C and B2B markets, these may not be suitable.

Why Demystify Digital

At Demystify Digital we remove the need for compromises. We create bespoke websites that showcase your individual products and offerings and use market-leading integrations to build the perfect website for your individual needs. These integrations include WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and PulseID, to name just a few. 

We also integrate with world-leading marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to maximise your selling opportunities and find your customers wherever they’re shopping.

Our in-house team, including programmers, designers, digital marketers, and copywriters create an individualized website designed to meet your unique requirements. From SEO for higher search engine rankings to complete responsivity, allowing sites to be viewed easily on laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone, our websites are designed to maximise visibility for increased sales and greater profitability.

The front-end

Then there’s the eCommerce side. With more competition than ever in the personalization industry, customer satisfaction has never been so important. Without the right processes in place, customers will become frustrated, abandon their carts, and shop elsewhere with your competitors.

From orders to online design upload and approval, to quotations and payments, our SaaS provides a seamless ordering system for your customers’ ease of use. Then there are automatic order updates and the ability to check on order status, for even greater customer satisfaction.

Back-end systems

But great eCommerce sites alone are not enough. The back-end systems need to work just as efficiently. That’s why our SaaS system simplifies your production process too. It manages real-time stock levels, so you’ll always know if you can fulfil an order. Artwork is automatically uploaded and digitised for ease of creation. Postage labels are created automatically too. Together, this reduces human error, reduces production time, and increases profit margins and production capacity.

End-to-end systems

Looking for a seamless process that handles everything from ordering to production to accounts? Our bespoke end-to-end systems do just that. The world-leading integrations we use connect your website to your production systems to your accounts system.

Files can be sent directly from customer approval through DST or EMB files straight to your embroidery or print devices, reducing production time and freeing up employees for other tasks. And realtime stock control means your staff always know whether they can fulfil the order at that time.

Payments can also be taken at the point of ordering and automatically uploaded to your accounts system, for a more efficient accounting process, leaving your financial team to focus on more important matters.

Full service digital agency

Demystify Digital offers a full service from building your new eCommerce website, to installing ERP systems that meet your needs, and integrating every necessary plug-in that ensures the smooth running of your website.

Not only that, but we also work on Search Engine Optimisation to get your website up the search engine rankings and attract new customers to your website. Our in-house copywriters use the latest keyword research tools and behind-the-scenes tricks to boost your website’s standing with Google and other leading search engines.

Want to know more?

Does this all sound too good to be true? It’s not. Find out how Demystify Digital can reduce your overheads, increase productivity, and enhance profits TODAY with a FREE no-obligation one-hour consultation. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01903 372 402 to book your personalised review and recommendations.  

ecommerce website support and maintenance
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