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Worthing, West Sussex, November 25, 2021– Demystify Digital, a leading eCommerce solutions provider, today announced a partnership to integrate Hello Retails’ leading-edge AI-driven personalised customer experience platform, into its offerings to customers.

Demystify Digital, a major eCommerce solutions provider, announced a collaboration to incorporate Hello Retail’s innovative AI-powered platform into its eCommerce solutions. The Audience solution enables you to segment your users for personalised marketing campaigns, ensuring that relevant items are displayed to the right people at the appropriate time. Conversion rates and average order value rise as a result.

Audience is another example of how Demystify Digital can help a business automate processes within the eCommerce ecosystem to generate new levels of revenue and profitability through the clever application of business intelligence.

In this case, Hello Retail can take the valuable user data that your website collects and, using artificial intelligence, deliver the most relevant search results for a product that closely matches the customer’s search requirements.

Having worked with Hello Retail to integrate this solution for a major UK retailer onto their Magento 2 website, I was impressed by the results and ROI achieved for this customer. In my view, there is nothing like this in the UK, and it presents an opportunity for eCommerce retailers to provide their customers with a truly game-changing user experience using business intelligence.

Where our merchants have tens of thousands of line items in all assorted colours, sizes, and personalisation possibilities, we see a significant opportunity within our core markets of embroidery, print, and engraving. Regardless of the platform, Magento, Prestashop, WordPress, Shopify, and many others, the Hello Retail Activation suite will integrate right into their site and can provide significant conversion rate gains right away.

Hello Retail’s Audience, is the overarching analytics platform of Hello Retail's offering, and when implemented with the Activation and Retention suites, you can create a seamless customer experience that automates how you present products and interact with end users at every stage of the sales cycle.

hello retail audience

The Hello Retail platform comprises of 3 distinct solutions, all delivered using your website data.


To attain the best possible ROI, you must have the lowest feasible acquisition cost per client. The Audience solution assists you in creating the ideal segment for personalised marketing campaigns, ensuring that the appropriate people see the right product at the right moment.

  • This is an example of how historical data may be utilised to target a certain client segment.
  • What is your customer’s lifetime value?
  • What is the average order size for various user segments?
  • Are clients who buy your preferred brands more loyal?
  • Please provide me with a list of consumers who have not made a purchase in the previous 90 days.
  • Export segment to Mailchimp (or other ESPs)

With Audience, you may identify certain consumer groups from Hello Retail’s past customer data collation of your website, and for example, using the Facebook interface, contact these or similar customers in their own Facebook feeds.

With this integration, you may export your audiences directly to Facebook as custom audiences, which means you can create custom audiences with as few as 20 customers.

From there, you can develop highly segmented campaigns that always hit the mark! With Audience, more efficient Facebook marketing initiatives are now possible.

Activation Suite

With Hello Retail’s Activation Suite, you can deliver a personalised onsite experience that transforms visitors into consumers and e-Commerce sales. Instead of displaying male shoes to female customers, begin recommending appropriate products using the recommendation and search solutions.

Stop spending money on unnecessary advertising. Your marketing budget will have a greater impact if you increase the conversion rate and average order size.

Personalised Search

30% of your consumers are looking for something. Are you showing them the correct products?

If your visitors search and are unable to locate what they are looking for, you have just lost them to Google and the competition. You can give a completely personalised search journey while being in control of the experience with Hello Retail’s Search solution. Many clients report a 30-50 percent improvement in conversion rates after using Hello Retail’s search solution.

Recommendations that are intelligent

You can automatically show the correct items at the right moment with Hello Retail’s smart suggestions, ensuring an optimum and customised experience.

Customers that use Hello Retail’s suggestion solution often enjoy a 15–25 percent conversion rate and a 15–20 percent boost in average basket size.

Retention Suite

You will find everything you need to convert first-time buyers into long-term clients.

Email is the most effective way to keep consumers informed. Emails, on the other hand, will be ineffective if they used to spam customers. To be an effective reactivation channel, you must send emails with the appropriate material at the appropriate time. You can customise every email outreach to your clients using Hello Retail’s Retention Suite, whether it is through triggered emails like an abandoned basket, price decrease, post-conversion, etc., or personalised newsletters.

Using behavioural pattern recognition, we can automatically figure out what your customers’ preferences are. As a result, when your consumers are ready to buy again, they will receive customised emails.

Triggered Emails

To improve client retention, use Hello Retail’s Email Trigger system to automatically engage consumers. The platform, when combined with the market’s highest relevance, ensures that tailored emails convert. Support for triggers such as abandoned cart, price reduction, post-conversion, and back in stock are included out of the box, ensuring that you can help consumers no matter where they are in the life cycle.

Newsletter Content

Without any additional effort on your part, the Newsletter Content solution guarantees that your communications to clients always include personalised suggestions. Hello Retail ensures that your newsletters are both interesting and effective.

hello retail personalised email

We are very happy to make our solution for activation and retention available to all Demystify Digital customers. Throughout the past couple of years, we have been optimizing thousands of webshops in Europe for a best-in-class conversion rate. We are delightful to be able to offer the same service to the customers of our newest partner and expert in eCommerce solutions. When utilizing our personalization features for Recommendations and Search we have seen significant uplift in both conversion rate and Average Order Value. Combined with our expert staff insight into ecommerce strategies, this brings our customers to a new scale. The past months we have worked with Demystify Digital to perfect our offering or the UK market, and we are all ready to open up for more webshops to leverage on our offering and bring a new level of Conversion Rate Optimization to their business.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, ecommerce has moved 10 years ahead and we see an ever-increasing amount of retail going online. Along with all this boost in the space, we also recognize that marketing spend has never been more expensive and competitive. So first of all, you want to do your marketing initiatives right, but more importantly you want to make sure that your spending is attracting visitors to your webshop, and they are converting in the best possible way. We believe that the mix of a fantastic service like Demystify's, and a high-level AI-based solution for personalization, will secure a higher ROAS (Return on ad spend) for Demystify Digital customers

Demystify Digital partners with embroiderers, printers, and engravers to deliver innovative solutions for a continually changing and expanding industry. Getting new visitors to your website may be costly, and this is one effortless way to automate a process after they arrive, ensuring that you can serve the customer fast and efficiently. The impact on long-term retention and profitability can be significant, and it can dramatically impact your bottom line.

About Demystify Digital.: Demystify Digital is a solution provider situated in Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom. Demystify Digital was founded in October 2021 to provide eCommerce solutions that help businesses enhance efficiencies, revenues, and profits by automating eCommerce and business processes to create optimised workflows utilising industry-leading technology and integrations.

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