Demystify Digital, a leading eCommerce solutions provider, today announced a partnership with Tracker ERP systems to offer UK businesses the innovative, cloud-based eCommerce programme into its offering for its clients.

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Worthing: Demystify Digital, a major eCommerce solutions provider, today announced their collaboration with Tracker to incorporate the Birmingham-based Tracker eCommerce ERP platform into its eCommerce solutions package. This unique, cloud-platform fully integrates all aspects of an eCommerce business into one central hub to improve efficiency and profits.

Tracker was launched in June 2018 by founder Will Hemming after twenty years working for physical product companies. He felt that there was no software on the market meeting the needs of such businesses. So he created his own. Tracker has enjoyed considerable success already, being adopted by a wide range of businesses, from clothing and personalisation companies to contact lens creators.

Demystify Digital works with a number of clients in the printing and personalisation industries and, after reading some of the success stories Will’s clients had enjoyed, decided to team up with the entrepreneur and recommend the product to their clients.

Tracker is an ERP solution that integrates completely with clients’ existing eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify and Magento 2, to centrally manage the entire ordering, production and stock movements.  It provides an end-to-end workflow management system that greatly increases production capacity

Tracker boasts six standard core components covering orders, CRM, purchase orders, suppliers, inventory, and stock control, making it ideal for any business supplying physical products. In addition, it offers a wide range of extensions, from production to accounting integration. There’s also an embellishment package which features three design tools for personalisation businesses.

Not only is Tracker suitable for B2C customers, but it also offers a trade ordering portal to allow B2B clients to place orders using preferential pricing, and allows access to their existing logos and artwork.


Managing Director of Demystify Digital, Craig Blackman, said of the partnership: “At Demystify Digital, we’re delighted to be able to offer our clients a fully integrated solution for their production and distribution needs. Tracker has demonstrated time and time again that it can save companies hundreds of manhours, increasing efficiency and profits. We can see real benefits for our clients, and it feels like a natural fit for the two companies.”

ecommerce website support and maintenance

About Demystify Digital: Founded in 2021 but based on over twenty years’ experience of eCommerce, manufacturing and retail, Demystify Digital works with clients predominantly in the personalisation and manufacturing markets. The company’s aim is to provide clarity to clients to make the most of their eCommerce business. 

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