The Client

Our client is a prominent schoolwear provider who operates mainly during peak seasons. They had untapped resources during the off-peak season and sought ways to optimise their operations and profitability during this period. In an attempt to diversify their offering, they decided to explore the workwear market. However, they lacked the appropriate platform to facilitate this new business line efficiently and seamlessly.

The Problem

The primary challenge was twofold. Firstly, they needed a platform that could handle the complexities of workwear customisation, including the addition of logos and text to garments, and a bulk add-to-cart and checkout feature. Secondly, the platform needed to integrate with their existing third-party ERP platform to ensure automated product listing, stock control, and sales order imports. They also needed a mechanism to facilitate the collection of artwork from customers efficiently.

The Analysis

We conducted an in-depth study of the client’s existing operations, peak and off-peak seasons, and existing ERP platform. We discovered that their untapped potential during the off-peak season could be better utilized with the introduction of a workwear line. We identified the requirements of a workwear website that would provide a user-friendly experience for customers wanting to customize and order their workwear. We also analyzed the ERP integration needs to ensure seamless operations without disrupting the current business processes.

Our Solution

We built a state-of-the-art workwear website to provide a constant flow of business outside the schoolwear peak season. This platform was designed to allow customers to easily add text or logos to a garment, bulk add to cart, and checkout in a quick and efficient manner. Additionally, the platform was integrated with the existing third-party ERP platform. This allowed for automated product listing, stock control, and sales order imports, making the transition between the two business lines seamless. To further improve efficiency, we included online decoration workflows to automate the collection of artwork from customers.

The Result

The newly implemented workwear website proved to be a success. It automated crucial aspects of the business, thereby providing consistent business during the off-peak schoolwear season and ensuring optimal utilisation of staff and equipment. As a result, our client experienced an improvement in cash flow and profitability. Furthermore, the website provided an enhanced customer experience, thanks to its user-friendly design and efficient checkout process, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and attracting more customers to their new line of business.

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