The Client

AGAME Sports is a sports kit supplier, for both sports clubs and schools, based in Redruth, Cornwall. Set up by Adrian Noott, a keen cricketer, in 2012, AGAME Sports has over a decade’s experience of providing high-quality, personalized sports apparel to a wide range of sports teams and school sports’ departments.

The Problem

With a growing business, AGAME Sports’ newly installed software systems weren’t talking to each other. This meant that AGAME staff were having to check, check and check orders again, wasting time and money.

The Analysis

impacting the bottom line through wasted manhours, rather than facilitating the process as it should have done. This problem was caused by having one WordPress site and their Shopify site on another subdomain rather than on their main website.

Our Solution

Demystify Digital recognized the underlying issue and took steps to resolve the problem.

We took the subdomain Shopify site and combined it with their WordPress site, converting their back-office system to WooCommerce. Sales were synchronized from WooCommerce to their ERP system Tracker, allowing for orders to flow seamlessly.

To populate the website, products and categories were added to Tracker and then reverse-published from Tracker to WooCommerce. This created a centralized hub for product management, and provided the ability to automate product decoration in the future.

The Result

It is early days in the implementation of Tracker and WooCommerce by Demystify Digital, but already AGAME Sports are seeing the benefits. Their eCommerce website is receiving more traffic and orders are flowing from the site through the ERP system for seamless ordering and production processes. AGame Sports feel that they’ve only scratched the surface of the functionality of the systems, but is confident that they will continue to benefit the organization.

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